These bowls are for decorative use only, but what a statement mounted on metal stands with stars, both sold separately.

This elevated table top, made from an old school desk, would decorate beautifully on a favorite table or bureau .... or sitting in the lazyboy as a base for your laptop, (I can think of another use ... but ..... we don't do breakfast in bed anymore ... since the last time .... we won't talk about that one ... anymore ...)

We have had quite a selection of lanterns over the years, here are a few new pieces
fun to decorate, with your favorite candle, old twigs, or imagine ....

A cute colection of Bird Houses.

Mrs. Finch would love to take a splash, or dine in your garden, with one of our heavy metal bird bath or feeders.

All "Breathe" "It Is What It Is" and "It's All About Golf " metal signs that stand out from the background when screwed on a wall, fence, or what have you, that give a 3-D look are on for 1/2 Price in our Garden center.

Unless specified most flags and whirl-i-gigs in our Garden center are on for 50% off ...
Great deal for the cottage or a fun garden accent.