This shutter box is a statement, and is a Cyndy design

(Historic Rubbish) boasting 3 feet wide, one can only imagine the decorating possibilities. Several single units were introduced Friday July 22, ... 4 hrs later there were two left in the garden center. Will you see this when you visit? .... can't make any promises ... but I'll see what I can do ... ok ...

These stacking boxes are impressive just standing on their own.

The fireplace mantle is a great focal point for our store, it often is dressed for occasion, or to showcase new products, such as this decor Plate ... which we have adapted to hang, but actually is displayed on a metal tripod stand with stars (sold separately) You will see the stand used in our store to also show off the large decor bowls.

If you know Olde Lovely at all ... you know it will change. Cyndy has given a fresh new look to our main floor level.

With a smile like that, you know.... Ted loves hanging out where there are stars and lights

Miss molly looks comfortable sitting on her rocker, she loves company, and is often found mingling, I guess when your popular, you can fit in anywhere.

This unique shelf, may be mounted on a wall to display favorite little treasures, or simply turn upside down and place on a desktop, reverse the drawers, and now you have a fun organizer for letters or a book on top, and drawers to hide away your bits and bobs